Referral process

Individuals may self refer or be referred by a professional. Family/Friends wanting to refer a loved one are encouraged to support the individual to call for themselves, or be present with them as the call is made.

Individuals seeking treatment services at NOVA, for either Out-patient, After-care, Alcohol/Drug Residential, or Mental Health residential may contact the Intake Department directly at 253-1680, and press option 1 or send an email via “contact”.

For professionals making referrals, we request that you fax the referral information; identifying the service the individual is being referred for, your contact information, the individual’s client information, and who you would like the Intake team to contact. Include in this information, all pertinent clinical and background information. This information may be faxed to or emailed to.

Scheduling the first appointment:

One of the intake team, will talk with the individual or referral party to assure that services at NOVA are the best treatment option for the individual. If we are not, we will offer suggestions as to where else may meet the needs of the individual. If it is agreed upon with the individual that NOVA services will meet their needs, than an Assessment is scheduled.

Assessment and follow-up steps

The individual scheduled for the Assessment, will meet with an counselor, and through the sharing of their needs, and background information, the counselor with the individual will determine if Out-patient, After Care or Residential Services will best meet the needs of the individual. Once this is decided, the individual will be scheduled for the next appointment.

Individuals who have selected Residential Services, they will next attend a Pre-Admission Group. At this group, it is discussed what all to expect in Residential Services, and how to prepare to enter into treatment. At that point the individual will be given a bed date.

Fees for services

All services must be paid for. Out-patient or Aftercare is covered by Medicaid, or for the uninsured there is financial support to cover the costs of services. Residential Services (alcohol/drug or mental health) are all self –pay or qualifying Montgomery county residents, covered by the ADAMHS Board.

Montgomery county residents seeking Out-patient or After-care without Medicaid or for individuals seeking Residential services who are self-pay, or are uninsured, arrangements for financial support through the Montgomery county ADAMHS Board to cover services is available. The amount of what is available to support coverage of the services is based on their household income and family size. The percentage of fees for the individual may be 0% or higher. To be eligible for this support, documentation of Montgomery county residency and income must be provided. The intake team will work with the individual as to what specifically is needed.